Thursday, February 21, 2013

Foreign Languages and the Job Market

We went to the career fair hosted at AU on 2/20/2013 and here’s what we found out about foreign languages and careers:

   Ohio State Reformatory 
-Very interested in student/graduates speaking Spanish
-Would like to have an audio tour created in Spanish

   Recreation Unlimited (kids with disabilities)
-Interested inn counselors that could teach kids Spanish 

   Catholic Schools (Diocese of Toledo)
-Interested in Spanish teachers

-Several opportunities, even had a separate Language Careers brochure

   Town & Country Co-Op  
-Exploring possibility of translators, they have hired help that speak primarily Spanish

-Want people that are fluent in Spanish

   YMCA (Clinton & Akron)
-Have kids coming from Colombia, looking for counselors that can speak Spanish for a few weeks in the summer

   Wooster City Schools
-Spanish & French teachers 7-12, currently not looking, but soon for ESL

   News Journal Media
-want bilingual applicants

-Expanding in Canada, French speaking a huge plus

We only talked to a few potential employers - we hope you did too! Make sure to market your foreign language skills!

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