Friday, September 20, 2013

300 Level Spanish Classes for Spring 2014

The Department of Foreign Languages will offer the following 300 level Spanish classes spring 2014:

SPAN 307       SPANISH PHONETICS                                                                        3
Dr. Barb Smidt-Rinehart          MWF                12:00-12:50PM
            Prerequisite: SPAN*272 or equivalent
A course designed to provide a review of SPanish pronunciation and an introduction to phonetics and phonology, including the study of features of principal dialects and a contrastive analysis of Spanish and English sound systems.  Language lab required.  Taught in Spanish.  Offered alternate years.

SPAN 310       SPANISH GRAMMAR AND COMPOSITION                          3
Dr. Bill Cummins           MWF    1:00-1:50PM
            Prerequisite: SPAN*272 or equivalent
The course offers an intensive review and expansion of grammar and vocabulary.  Students will apply the material studied and develop their written expression in Spanish through a writing and revising process that leads to portfolio assessment.  Taught in Spanish.  Offered annually.

SPAN 373       SURVEY OF LATIN AMERICAN LITERATURE                                  3
Dr. Jennifer Rathbun   MWF    1:00-1:50 PM
            Prerequisite: SPAN*310
A survey of the milestones of Latin American literature, from its beginnings to the present time.  Taught in Spanish.  Offered alternate years.  Meets core credit for humanities.

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