Thursday, January 31, 2013

Student Spotlight: Camille Talarico


 "I had the opportunity to study both in Santa Ana, Costa Rica in the summer of 2011 and then in Buenos Aires, Argentina that following fall semester.  In Costa Rica I was able to improve my language skills through taking classes, explore the country through various excursions, and spend time in a Costa Rican elementary school.  In Argentina I attended a local university with both international and Argentine students while traveling around the city in my free time.  Both experiences gave me the chance to really experience how different people and cultures live, and those new perspectives will be huge assets when I’m teaching in the future.  In addition, it’s impossible to study abroad and not learn about yourself in the process; these trips were a great way to grow as a person and I truly believe that I discovered as much about myself as I did the countries I was visiting."

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