Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Dr. Rathbun's FL 221 class wrote Calaveras in the spirit of the Día de los Muertos to the work The Devil's Highway by Luis Alberto Urea

Calavera to The Devil’s Highway

I have a destiny
But couldn’t picture this
I’m in Desolation
And I’m trying to beat the 6
But I’m with Mendez he’s full of delusion
But I’m confident we’ll find a solution

We gotta stick together to avoid isolation
Or else we’ll find Desolation
& then it’ll be final destination
soon the devil we’ll meet
because we couldn’t beat the heat

-Drops Mic

Written by
Hawi Odoyo-Oriri
Nik Psota
Tiffani Hale
Jessie Ornelas

Calavera to The Devil’s Highway

Walkin in the desert with no water
Thinkin of a better plan for my daughter

Thinkin about my family like nonstop
Looking at T-Jack like man it’s hot

I saw Kai’s face and I wanted to quit
Jack smacked me in the head and said drink your spit

Look at my pits sticky like honey
But we don’t care ‘cause life is funny

Written by:
Tre’Vontae Jackson
Emily Cutler
Makai Veasley
Darrius Nobel

Calavera to The Devil’s Highway

Martin Myer
Rode into the fire
Didn’t bring enough water
Ended up prime for the slaughter
Broke the steering wheel
Now you and Lisa will never heal
A weekend of camping at Buttercup
Ended with La muerte showing up

Written by:
Chancelor Clihe
Ben Cipa
Like Ogi

Calavera to The Devil’s Highway

My head is down
There is nothing in sight, no town
There is no light

I bury my head
Time for bed
 You might shiver
Now fails your liver

Dancing in the sand
 All of this open land
No where to go
We are too slow

The heat is too hot
We are beat to the top
Our hearts begin to stop
And then we flop.

Written by:

Calavera to The Devil’s Highway

What’s so scary about death?
You finally get to take a breath.
You no longer have any stress
And your life isn’t a mess
You are no longer dying of thirst
Because you were able to die first
You can finally be at peace
Because the heat will no longer increase
So what’s so scary about being dead?
You finally get to rest your head.

Written by:
Haley McElwain
Cassidy Jonannsen

Calavera to The Devil’s Highway

It sucks to be you…
You were feeling kind of blue
We’re sorry we have to write this to you.

Stuck in a box
Cold with no socks
It still sucks to be you.

It was fun while it lasted
But like we forcasted
It sucks to be you.

Calavera to The Devil’s Highway

¡Pinche migra!
Today is your day
¡Pinche migra!
As you take your walk in May

¡Pinche migra!
Desolution is where you die
¡Pinche migra!

¡Pinche migra!
In the heat
¡Pinche migra!
You will become a piece a meat

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